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Iphone 14 | #heiseshow: iPhone 14 – only makes Pro really happy? | apple iphone

The iPhone 14 is here and has already passed the first test labs. While the Pro line with Dynamic Island and always-on display has been visually noticeably changed, the basic model looks like last year’s model. At first glance, the iPhone 14 Pro also performs significantly better than the iPhone 14 when it comes to the inner values.


The new models were put to the test in the Mac & i test. While all new models offer satellite communication and accident detection, the new 48-megapixel image sensor is only available in the iPhone 14 Pro. And of course it’s also worth taking a look at what the competitors are doing with the Android operating system.

Is the extra charge for the iPhone 14 Pro really worth it? Who is the iPhone 14 interesting for? What does Apple have that other manufacturers have had for a long time? How good is the new A16 chip? Are Dynamic Island and always-on display really useful? And has the development of the smartphone passed its zenith?

Malte Kirchner (@maltekir) with Mac & i editor Leo Becker (@fscklog) and c’t editor Robin Brand (@2brand) in a new episode of #heiseshow, live from 12 p.m.


Iphone 14 | #heiseshow: iPhone 14 - only makes Pro really happy? | apple iphone | svg%3E

Iphone 14 | #heiseshow: iPhone 14 - only makes Pro really happy? | apple iphone | heiseshow 19d9da2729350af6

Thursdays. 12 o’clock. Live. heise online talks to guests about current technical developments and network policy. Tweets with the hashtag #heiseshow can be used for discussion before, during and after the show. The #heiseshow is available…

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