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Iphone 14 | Impact on iPhone 14? Some significant price increases for iPhone 13 | apple iphone

from Rhonda Bachman
In Japan, Apple has raised the prices of iPhones and iPads sharply. Japanese consumers now have to pay around 19 percent more for the company’s cheapest iPhone 13. The reason is rising inflation, which has made the US dollar 18 percent more valuable against the yen.

In Japan, rising inflation is now affecting the prices of popular Apple products. From now on, iPhones and iPads will cost at least 19 percent more. According to Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, exchange rates have become a problem. The dollar has risen 18 percent against the yen since the beginning of the year due to high inflation.

Price increase for the iPhone 14 too?

For the cheapest version of the current iPhone 13, the Japanese now have to pay 19 percent more. The device, which previously retailed for 98,800 yen ($730) including taxes, now retails for 117,800 yen, an increase of 19,000 yen. The iPhone SE, which launched just last year, now costs 62,800 yen, around 5,000 yen more than before.


Apple’s prices for Mac computers were already increased in Japan in June. In addition to iPhones, the price for iPads also rose sharply in July. The price of the latest entry-level model in the popular tablet series has increased by almost 25 percent. The price of some models of the Apple Watch has also been increased.

Apple product prices have not changed on the company’s US website. The price increases have so far been limited to Japan, where the yen has lost a lot of value since the spring. It is currently not known whether the price increases will also spill over into the euro area. Effects on the upcoming iPhone model, iPhone 14, are not yet foreseeable.


Source: Nike Asia, Reuters, Notebook check

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