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Iphone 14 | iOS 16.2: New beta brings new features for the iPhone 14 Pro | apple iphone

One of the biggest innovations in the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is the always-on display. Familiar from Android smartphones, the screen of the Apple phone in standby mode shows the time and incoming messages. The iPhone even shows a darkened version of the background image. Apparently too much for some users. If you didn’t want to see all the information all the time, you only had the option of completely deactivating the function. With iOS 16.2, Apple is now making improvements.

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More always-on display options

As 9to5Mac reported that new features for the always-on display are available in the third beta version of the upcoming update. iPhone owners then no longer only have the choice between on and off. You can also set whether the mobile phone should show the background image permanently or not. If you select the second option, the iPhone only presents a black background. You can also switch off the display for received notifications in the future if required. Only the widgets for the lock screen, date and time remain.

Whether the new settings will make it into the finished version of iOS 16.2 has not yet been finally clarified. It seems unlikely that Apple will subsequently delete the functions.

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