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Iphone 14 | iOS 16: always-on display revealed on the iPhone 14? | News | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | iOS 16: always-on display revealed on the iPhone 14? | News | apple iphone | iPhonepunch.568301Iphone 14 | iOS 16: always-on display revealed on the iPhone 14? | News | apple iphone | iPhonepunch.568301The displays of Apple’s top smartphones traditionally play in the respective premium league of their time. The Californian company improved the panels from generation to generation. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max offer, among other things, variable refresh rates of up to 120 Hertz, support HDR and the P3 color space and offer brightness values ​​of a maximum of 1,200 candelas per square meter. However, one feature, which the current Apple Watch has, has so far been denied to the devices from Cupertino: there is no always-on display so far.

iOS 16 includes three new display control frameworks
However, the well-known display expert Ross Young expects Apple to use LTPO panels for the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) (see ). Due to their low energy requirements, these can be constantly active without significantly reducing the battery life. Apple is therefore already using this technology in its own watches. 9to5Mac has now found several indications in the iOS 16 developer beta code that the upcoming version of the iPhone operating system will support always-on displays. Apple expanded iOS 16 with three new frameworks related to brightness control.

Apple developers can test feature with iPhone 13 Pro
The three programming interfaces are used by various components of the smartphone operating system, including the lock screen. In addition, according to 9to5Mac, there are a number of references to an always-on display in the so-called Springboard. This software component is responsible for the lock screen and home screen, for example. The colleagues also found a number of hidden flags. These allow iOS developers to activate the always-on display, even on devices that do not natively support the function. Apple’s employees can therefore already test the feature on an iPhone 13 Pro and do not have to wait for the first iPhone 14 Pro.


Always-on display probably only on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max)
Given the discovery in the code of the iOS 16 beta version, it is therefore almost certain that the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) will have an always-on display. The models without the Pro addition, on the other hand, should be able to do without the feature. Apple probably does not equip this with a panel whose refresh rate can be reduced to a few Hertz. However, such a technique is required so that an always-on display consumes as little energy as possible.

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