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Iphone 14 | iOS 16: New wallpapers confirm feature for iPhone 14 Pro | apple iphone

Apple is known for selling long-established features on its own devices as major innovations. The iPhone 14, which has not yet been announced and is expected for September 2022, is probably no exception. For months, countless rumors have indicated that the Pro model of the upcoming Apple cell phone will support the so-called always-on display for the first time. This is the possibility of displaying information such as the time or certain widgets permanently on the screen, even when it is switched off. An option that only elicits a weary smile from Android users. Smartphones from Samsung & Co. have mastered this trick for many years.

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iOS 16: wallpapers get a new sleep mode

Apple has not yet officially confirmed the new function, but there are various indications of the forthcoming introduction of the always-on display in the developer version of the upcoming iPhone operating system iOS 16. Now there is another one that gives the topic an exciting new aspect. Authors of the site According to their own statements, they took a close look at the new wallpapers in the current iOS 16 beta and made an interesting discovery. Accordingly, the so-called wallpapers now have a new sleep mode. If activated, the images appear in a heavily darkened and faded version.

iPhone 14 Pro: always-on display with background?

According to the report, the look of the backgrounds is reminiscent of the faces of the Apple Watch in always-on mode – Apple’s smart watches have also been supporting the feature for years. The experts therefore assume that the sleep mode is the option to display wallpapers in the always-on display. This is particularly remarkable because Android phones usually do not display backgrounds when using this function in order to reduce power consumption. Apple seems to be taking a different approach here and could actually give the feature a fresh coat of paint.

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