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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in the test – the expensive brother is worth it | apple iphone

After the latest generation change, the new Apple smartphones iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro show in the test what they can do and how they differ.

The Apple iPhone 14 is following in big footsteps, as the previous generation was a bestseller, even though the small mini model has now been discontinued. Instead, for the first time in the 14 generation, a larger Plus version of the basic model is coming onto the market. We took a close look at the base model and its big brother, the iPhone 14 Pro, and show you the differences.

Significant price increase

First of all, there are differences in the price, because the difference is 300 euros. In addition, Apple has once again increased the prices significantly compared to the previous generation: Depending on the model and memory variant, it is at least twelve percent. Entry now starts at 999 euros, and the 14 Pro with 1 TB of storage costs 1,949 euros.


Visually, the difference between the variants, as with the predecessors, becomes clear at first glance in the three large camera lenses of the Pro. Otherwise, the housings are of practically the same high quality and, as always with Apple, have first-class workmanship. However, the Pro version weighs 34 grams more, which makes the smartphone a small heavyweight at 206 grams. As before, the lenses protrude clearly from the back, so that the device lies diagonally on the table without an additional case and also likes to get caught in the pocket.

iPhone 14

The basic model of the iPhone 14 is launched with five colors

(Source: Apple )


A distinguishing feature of the versions is the display, which comes in the base without the new, optionally adjustable always-on function and the innovation called “Dynamic Island”. On the Pro, this oval element replaces the wider notch for the front camera and the sensors that enable Face ID facial recognition, among other things. With the Pro, the two holes are combined by software into a small element – the island – which is expanded in shape and size depending on the app used. You can use it to control calls or the music player without leaving the app that is mainly used on the display. Also, the base only offers a 60Hz refresh rate, while the Pro uses up to 120Hz variably, making for smoother screen scrolling. Both displays have become even brighter and are also easy to read outdoors.

The smartphones offer more than sufficient performance for all application scenarios. The fact that the Pro has a new processor, the A16, is hardly noticeable in everyday life compared to the A15 in the basic model, but measurements show around ten to 15 percent more speed, which makes the iPhone 14 Pro currently the fastest smartphone. The heating is kept within limits and is lower than many competitors with a Snapdragon chipset. All versions now have 6 GB of memory. The buyer can choose between 128, 256 and 512 GB of data storage, which, as is usual with Apple, cannot be expanded. Only the Pro also has a fourth version with a terabyte.

There are only minimal differences in the size of the batteries. The approximately 3,200 mAh seem modest on paper compared to other upper-class models, but Apple relies on its very good power management and gets a day’s operating time from its power dispensers without any problems. The base model lasts about half an hour longer than the Pro. Only charging takes more than two hours with a maximum of 20 watts – compared to some Chinese competitors, which manage this up to four times faster, this is clearly too long. With wireless charging, 15 watts flow with the optional in-house MagSafe charging pad, with pads in the QI standard it is only 7.5 watts.

The camera makes the difference

If only a few weighty arguments were found for the hefty surcharge of the Pro version, this is changing with the cameras. Because there is not only the third lens for the optical zoom, as in the predecessor, but also a new main sensor with a resolution of 48 instead of 12 megapixels. Apple is using pixel binning for the first time here, in which four pixels are merged into one large optimized pixel. That’s why snapshots are always output with 12 megapixels and not 48, except in raw mode. If you want to save the large raw images, you should use one of the phone’s larger storage options right away.

The 14 Pro is instantly recognizable by its three camera lenses

The 14 Pro is instantly recognizable by its three camera lenses

(Source: Apple )

The technical effort is worth it, because images look very sharp even in poor lighting conditions and show realistic colors. The zoom can enlarge up to three times optically and 15 times digitally and is a useful addition. For videos there is a new action mode that compensates for shaking caused by movements and looks almost like a physical gimbal.

The base model comes further with a dual camera with a 12-megapixel main lens and a 120-degree wide angle, which is also sufficient for good and true-color photos in good lighting conditions – technically, the main lens is apparently on the level of last year’s 13 Pro model. The front cameras on both variants are still 12 megapixels, but have a larger aperture and an autofocus, which ensures better pictures in low light conditions.

When it comes to other equipment, both smartphones are largely complete, only some will miss the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard. Unfortunately, the innovative emergency call function via satellite cannot yet be used in Europe, but Apple still wants to implement this via an update. Then it should be possible to send ready-made SOS messages via satellite if neither WLAN nor mobile phone networks are available. A new acceleration sensor can already be used to activate car accident detection, which automatically sets up emergency telephone calls.

Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in comparison

Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in comparison

(Source: Telecom trade)

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