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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Apple expects better sales despite the weakening smartphone market | apple iphone

Despite the currently unclear economic prospects, Apple believes in a sales success for the next iPhone generation. According to a report from Asia, the company has now asked its manufacturers to produce around five percent more devices – instead of the originally planned 90 million units, it should now be 95 million units.


As the Taiwan Economic Times, which appears in Teipei, writes, this is also unusual because the smartphone market itself is currently sluggish. However, Apple had already managed to further increase its iPhone sales in the past quarter, while most of the rest of the industry is suffering from a decline in sales.

The increased orders went according to the report including the exclusive SoC manufacturer TSMC and the end assembler Hon Hai aka Foxconn a. However, it affects the entire supply chain, such as the circuit board manufacturer Zhen Ding or the optics specialist Largan, which supplies camera technology.


According to the Taiwan Economic Times, the “iPhone 14” is mainly produced by Hon Hai, the second producer is the mainland Chinese manufacturer Luxshare. With the “iPhone 14 Max”, Pegatron produces the most units, the second producer is also Luxshare. Only Hon Hai, aka Foxconn, is allowed to run the high-end models “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max” (the latter replaces the iPhone mini). Apparently, Apple is planning the largest orders for the most expensive model – the “iPhone 14 Pro Max”.

Thanks to its position in the mobile phone sector, Apple has a better chance of getting to the still scarce components in good time. The company is said to have long been the largest customer of the paver TSMC. Apple also orders large numbers of other parts and does so early and regularly. According to the report, mass production of the “iPhone 14” will start soon, and the components are already going to the factories of end-users Hon Hai aka Foxconn, Luxshare and Pegatron.

Apple suppliers say they are optimistic that they will achieve the “traditional growth of this season” this year – meaning the iPhone season, which always includes the Christmas quarter. The demand also means that manufacturers are desperately looking for employees. Hon Hai’s giant factory in Zhengzhou is said to have just increased its sign-up bonus by 500 yuan to 1,525 euros.

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