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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Apple is said to be testing display manufacturer BOE | apple iphone

Eugene Wegman

Apple is reportedly reviewing one of its more problematic suppliers, the iPhone display supplier.


It was only at the end of May that we reported that Apple had parted ways with the Chinese display manufacturer BOE after an uncoordinated change in the size of the transistors. This would have reduced the suppliers to Samsung and LG, which could well lead to delivery problems with the iPhone 14.

Now the waves between the two companies seem to have calmed down to some extent, because according to The Elec, a Korean magazine that specializes in the display industry, Apple wants the manufacturer

undergo an examination this week

According to sources in the magazine, however, the company will only produce around five million units. Before the scandal, reports went out from up to 30 million screens. Production at BOE would start a few weeks later than Samsung and LG, which are rumored to start in June. BOE, on the other hand, is not expected to start until July at the earliest, possibly as late as August.

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