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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Apple responds to complaints about new feature | apple iphone

Every new smartphone generation should score with the best available technology and as many new functions as possible. This also applies to the one that was published in September 2022 iPhone 14. The always-on display has finally brought this with it. However, the initial joy quickly gave way to frustration. But Apple is providing the urgently needed remedy.

iPhone 14: always-on display didn’t go over well

What’s new for the iPhone 14 has been around for Android phones for a long time: With the always-on display, the device shows important functions such as the time or battery status even when it’s actually locked. The iPhone 14 variant annoyed users however, because it only renders a darker but still visible version of the home screen.


But that’s not all: the original version of iOS also consumes more energy. On Android, on the other hand, it is possible to disable most of the screen’s pixels in order to conserve battery power. Now Apple is catching up with the competition.

Important improvement for always-on display is coming

Like Inside Digital reported, there is a corresponding change in a new beta version for iOS 16.2. So far, this has applied to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Accordingly, the settings area for the always-on display in the “Display & Brightness” area has been expanded by a few points.

This means that everyone can not only switch the option on and off in general. Now the two main components can be activated individually or not: you can decide whether the background image remains visible and you can also allow notifications if required.

The release of iOS 16.2 is planned for December. Since it is currently still a beta, there is no guarantee that the improvement will really appear final. However, the signs are good and Apple has apparently listened to the criticism of the iPhone 14.


Source: Inside Digital

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