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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 and more? | apple iphone

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The leaker “LeaksApplePro” wants to know which products the iPhone manufacturer could introduce in September. Apart from the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8, what else will there be to see?

Every year in the fall, Apple hosts an event where new devices are presented. Mostly then the new iteration of iPhones is released. The iPhone 14 is expected for this year, with the rumor mill assuming a total of four different smartphone models. Meanwhile, the leaker “LeaksApplePro” wants to know what Apple will show at the September launch event. Apparently she should Event on Tuesday September 13, occur.

Is Apple dropping the mini version of the iPhone?

In addition to the iPhone 14, there should also be two Pro versions, which are said to have a camera lens with 48 megapixels and could use a hole and a pill on the front instead of the notch as a home for the front camera and Face ID sensors. Instead of a mini version, Apple should include a more expensive iPhone 14 Max in the program. After all, the iPhone 13 Mini with a 5.4-inch display is selling poorly – comparatively – so Apple might prefer to follow the trend towards larger smartphones. The iPhone 14 Max may offer a 6.7-inch touchscreen and would thus offer the screen of an iPhone 13 Pro Max at a lower price. By eliminating the mini variant, the series would probably cost at least 900 euros, a price premium of 100 euros compared to the iPhone 13 Mini.


In addition to new iPhones, Apple is to present three new smartwatches in the fall. The price starts with the Apple Watch SE, and there will also be an Apple Watch Series 8 with new sensors. An Extreme Edition of the Apple Watch could be presented especially for outdoor athletes. The leaker is unsure whether Apple could already lift the veil on new Macbook Pros and a Mac Mini with an Apple M2 chip in September. There may also be the second-generation Airpods Pro over-ear headphones with a new design and a new Bluetooth codec for Hi-Res content.

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Collection for this year’s Apple event:

  • A big Apple event with new products is to take place again this fall. According to the leaker LeaksApplePro, the event is set to be held on September 13.
  • Apparently Apple then wants to show the iPhone 14 in four different versions, whereby the manufacturer should do without the mini edition. As a result, the basic price for the series will probably increase by 100 euros to at least 900 euros.
  • Apple may bring three new smartwatch models to the event. In addition to a new entry-level Apple Watch SE, there will also be the new Apple Watch Series 8 and an Extreme Edition for outdoor enthusiasts.

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