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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Apple’s surprising reversal | apple iphone

Apparently, shortly before the release of the iPhone 14, Apple changed its naming strategy. The new iPhone 14 Plus with a 6.7-inch display should actually have a completely different name. The original name is less surprising, however, as it had already been floating around extensively in the rumor mill.


With the iPhone 14Plus For the first time this year, Apple is offering a larger 6.7-inch display in the standard configuration of the iPhone. Potential customers are no longer forced to do the much more expensive thing iPhone 14 Pro Max to buy to get a bigger screen. But the iPhone Plus was originally supposed to be called something else, as new evidence now shows.

iPhone 14 Max should be called iPhone 14 Max

The original name “iPhone 14 Max” still appears in several places on Apple’s website. First, we find the designation in a support document intended to help users identify their iPhone. There, an image of the iPhone 14 Plus with the five known colors is referred to as “iPhone 14 Max Colors”. And then the designation shows up on a page that contains regulatory compliance information for the company’s products. The iPhone 14 Max is listed there with the model number of the iPhone 14 Plus (source: iCreate). In the meantime, however, the last place where Apple found it has already been changed, i.e. the name has been corrected.

Apple’s current iPhone range:

Important to know: Months before the actual launch of the new Apple cellphones, the new 6.7-inch model had long been rumored in the rumor mill as the “iPhone 14 Max”. It was only later messages to the “iPhone 14 Plus”. The new clues suggest that Apple actually wanted to release an “iPhone 14 Max” first. But how did the name change come about?

How did the name change come about?

One can only speculate about that. Our guess: The name “iPhone 14 Max” has greater potential to be confused with the actual “iPhone 14 Pro Max”. By calling the device “iPhone 14 Plus” without further ado, Apple clearly averts this danger. Of course, the “plus” is not new to Apple. Apple originally referred to the model with the larger display on the iPhone 6, and the suffix was last used on the iPhone 8 Plus in 2017.

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