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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: BOE displays receive Apple certification | apple iphone

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The Chinese display manufacturer is expected to deliver around 5 million panels for the standard iPhone in 2022.


Just a few weeks ago we reported that Apple probably wants to re-examine the display manufacturer BOE, which only lost Apple’s certification in May due to unarranged changes to the panel design. The Elec’s report appears to have come true, as new information from Apple’s supply chain suggests that BOE has successfully passed the re-test.


The Chinese magazine IT Home


Patently Apple
) that the production of around five million panels for the standard iPhone 14 could start at the beginning of July, theoretically immediately. However, the number represents only a fraction of the displays required for the iPhone 14. It is estimated that Apple will buy 90 million OLED panels in 2022 alone, of which 60 million are to be supplied by Samsung Display and another 25 million by LG Display.

Nevertheless, the order represents a leap of faith on the one hand, and Apple’s contribution to healthy competition on the other. Since production in China is generally cheaper than in Korea, Apple can put pressure on the two Korean display manufacturers, Samsung Display and LG Display, and ultimately reduce production costs.

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