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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 can be ordered: Apple completely clueless | apple iphone

Apple hasn’t introduced the iPhone 14 at all, but you can already order or pre-order the new cell phone. A very special dealer is already taking orders and decorating the smartphone in a bizarre way. Small downer: Prices start at 8,910 euros.


Apple is unlikely to like this, after all, the smartphone refiners from Caviar are once again offering new iPhones that have not yet been presented in advance for order. Months before the actual performance in September, you can find it on their website iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max (Source: caviar). Of course, the retailer does not yet have access to the devices, but will take orders from time to time.


iPhone 14 Pro: The luxury version of the Apple cell phone can already be ordered

The special thing about the Caviar iPhones: All cell phones have been completely redesigned and offer luxurious backs made from fine materials. The cheapest models are made of titanium (from 8,910 euros), the most expensive are gold-plated and integrate the finest mechanical watches (from 19,700 euros), others are covered with crocodile leather (from 9,690 euros). All in all, very unusual smartphones for no less bizarre and affluent customers.

Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 can be ordered: Apple completely clueless | apple iphone | iphone 14 pro caviar
The cheapest variant of the iPhone 14 Pro from Caviar is made of carbon and titanium. (Image source: Caviar)

You can choose from different storage configurations from 128 GB to 1 TB, but of course with reservations. Maybe Apple will double the memory of the iPhone 14 Pro in the cheapest model, in which case 256 GB would be available right away. Good to know: The iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at 9,590 euros. Ergo: The price surcharge is significantly higher at 680 euros than with Apple. The reason may be the higher use of materials, because the finishers can be gilded in the truest sense of the word.

The retailer cannot currently promise when customers will receive their devices. Ultimately, Caviar depends on Apple, because as an unauthorized Apple dealer, the provider has to procure the phones on the open market and should not receive a delivery advantage.

The refiners have already attracted attention with unusual designs in the past:


Special series “Space Conquerors” of the iPhone 12 by Caviar

From Russia to the desert

Worth mentioning: Previously operating out of Russia, Caviar has now moved its headquarters to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The actual reason for this should be obvious, but is not directly named. Caviar only indirectly addresses the sanctions against Russia and formulates the following on the website (translated):

A convenient and secure online payment system for customers from all over the world.

This is no longer available to Russia after sanctions made such payments, for example via credit cards, impossible. Further reasons for the move to Dubai are the faster delivery and the more direct customer contact. Caviar states that 40 percent of its customers visit Dubai regularly.

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