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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 can now do more in Germany | apple iphone

As promised, Apple is delivering an important and maybe even life-saving feature for the iPhone 14 with the satellite emergency call for Germany. Apple’s current smartphone can now do more in this country – at no extra charge.


December 14 update: In November, Apple promised to release the innovative function “Emergency SOS via satellite” for the iPhone 14 in Germany for December. The manufacturer is now fulfilling this declaration of intent and is announcing the availability of satellite emergency calls for Germany and other European countries. France, Great Britain and Ireland will be there. At least iOS 16.1 is required (source: Apple).

who up iOS16.2 updated, should still know the following fact highlighted by Apple: “With iOS 16.2, users who dial a local emergency number are automatically forwarded to the European emergency number 112 if the call cannot be made due to a lack of mobile or WiFi connection. So you can use the SOS emergency call via satellite even if you don’t dial 112.”

Original item:

In emergency situations where there is no cellular signal and no WiFi available iPhone 14iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max all in one satellite connection access and stuff like that Emergency SOS drop. The new service was not yet available when the new cell phones went on sale. But now it is starting in the USA and Canada, as Apple announced in a press release (source: Apple).

iPhone 14: Emergency SOS via satellite from December here too

Apple’s Find My app also supports the new feature. Users can use their Location by satellite Share with friends and family while traveling outside of the regular cellular network. They also know where to find loved ones in an emergency. System requirement for both functions is iOS16.1 or newer.

This is how the emergency call via satellite works on the iPhone:

iPhone 14 – Emergency SOS via satellite

Already in September, Apple promised, that other countries should also receive the life-saving feature of the iPhone 14 in 2022, but held back with explicit announcements. Now the iPhone manufacturer is getting more specific in the said press release for the first time. This is how emergency SOS is supposed to be via satellite in December of this year also in Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland will be rolled out. Apple does not name an exact date, so in theory there is still time until December 31, 2022 at the latest.

A welcome turn of events given previous negative examples of internationalization at Apple. Take Apple Pay, for example. German users had to wait more than four years for the smartphone payment service, but Apple’s own credit card “Apple Card” (launched in summer 2019) is still not available from us today.

For extreme situations, one or the other user might also want a more robust iPhone – so far only a dream:

Emergency call service free of charge for two years

Important to know: From the time of activation, the emergency call SOS service via satellite can be used free of charge for two years. At latest From 2024 Apple wants to make money with it, but is still silent on the costs. The actual calculation has probably yet to be made. Apple does not want to commit itself at the moment and has set itself a deadline of up to two years.

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