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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Dates for unveiling and sales start leaked | apple iphone

Year after year, Apple fans look forward to September. The reason: Traditionally, the manufacturer lets its new iPhones off the leash this month. 2022 is probably no exception. After almost all the technical details of the iPhone 14 and its different versions have appeared on the internet, an industry insider is now speaking up with a concrete start date. The Twitter user known for his Apple leaks iHacktu ileaks claims to have learned from an anonymous source that Apple is hosting its big iPhone unveiling bash on September 13, 2022.

As part of a presentation on this day, the company will most likely show iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. But there are still a few more days to come before fans can actually put their hands on the new smartphones. If the tipster’s predictions come true, pre-order the fresh Apple cell phones from September 16, 2022. Delivery will follow on September 23, 2022. From this date you can also buy the iPhone 14 in stores – provided it is in stock.

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Date not yet confirmed

Where the self-proclaimed insider got his information from remains unclear. A confirmation from Apple is pending. It is therefore better to take the information with caution. However, the said Twitter user was correct several times with his forecasts in the past. In addition, the date fits Apple’s release pattern in recent years. Regardless of when the company actually unveils its new mobile phones, the big surprise is unlikely to happen this year either. After all, both the final design of the iPhone 14 and key data and information on equipment and functionality are largely known.

If the numerous leaks come true, the new Apple cell phone hardly differs from its predecessor on the outside. Only the Pro models come up with a new display design and swap the “Notch” for two punched holes. Technically, too, little seems to be happening with the regular model. Apple installed according to the current state of knowledge the A15 chip again of the iPhone 13. If you want a completely new processor, you can only get it by going for the expensive Pro model.

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