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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: display worse than expected? | apple iphone

Although the release of the next Apple phone is still many months away, the rumor mill surrounding the iPhone 14 has been simmering at full speed for quite some time. At the moment everything indicates that the manufacturer is launching a fundamentally revised smartphone model this year and that it will boast both a fresh design and various new features. One of the many rumors circulating says that Apple is giving the iPhone 14 a so-called LTPO display (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) in all versions.
These particularly energy-saving OLED screens enable a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz and already implement the ProMotion feature in the iPhone 13 Pro (Max). Thanks to their energy efficiency, Apple also uses the LTPO panels in the Apple Watch. The displays not only save the battery, they also make movements on the screen appear much smoother. An extension of the feature from the iPhone Pro variants to the standard models seems only logical. However, it now looks as if that will not happen for the time being.

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Expert doesn’t believe in LTPO in iPhone 14

At least that’s what Ross Young, head of Display Supply Chain Consultants, recently claimed. The industry analyst specializing in the display market explained when asked by a Twitter user that he does not expect a complete switch to LTPO displays in iPhone production until 2023 at the earliest. He justifies his assumption by saying that Apple has the displays for the regular iPhone 14 produced by the Chinese manufacturer BOE. He has not yet manufactured any LTPO panels and currently does not have the capacity to supply Apple with enough screens of this type.

From Young’s point of view, the risk of delivery bottlenecks for the iPhone 14 would be far too great. If the expert is right, only the Pro models of the iPhone 14 will have the ProMotion feature. This is surprising in that LTPO technology is already on the rise and is being used more and more frequently in mid-range smartphones. Apple itself has not yet commented on the iPhone 14. Accordingly, it remains to be seen what the company is actually concocting for its next smartphone.

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