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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Does Boe deliver OLED touchscreens after all? | apple iphone

from Claus Ludewig
The Korean magazine The Elec has reported news of the dispute between Apple and the Chinese display manufacturer Boe. Allegedly, the iPhone manufacturer checks the panel producer in the course of the production of the iPhone 14.

At the end of May there were rumors that Apple no longer wanted the Chinese company Boe Technology as a supplier for the successor to the iPhone 13. The rift is said to have erupted after Boe made non-agreed changes to display manufacturing in February. The thin-film transistors of the iPhone 13 OLED panels are said to have been adapted to increase the yield. However, this is said to have gone down to the quality of the touchscreens. A month later there it news in the display disputeas reported by the Korean magazine The Elec.

Who supplies the OLED touchscreens for the iPhone 14?

Reportedly, Boe execs met with Apple execs to explain the situation. A decision may be made this week as to whether the Chinese will also be among the suppliers for the upcoming iPhone 14. In addition to Boe, the two South Korean companies Samsung and LG are said to be among the display suppliers for the new iPhone 14. BOE may only deliver five million OLED touchscreens, while the majority are said to come from Samsung and LG.


There should be an always-on display exclusively for the two more expensive Pro models from the iPhone 14. Apple is said to be using the same technology as the Apple Watch, which already has an always-on display. In addition, the two Pro models should offer a display with a double punch hole instead of a notch.

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Collection of possible display suppliers for the iPhone 14:

  • At the end of May, rumors surfaced that Apple was in a dispute with the Chinese company Boe Technology. The background is said to be a non-agreed change in display production.
  • Boe is said to have changed the thin-film transistors in order to be able to produce more OLED displays without paying attention to the quality. Apple shouldn’t be too happy about that.
  • Apple is expected to decide this week whether the Chinese will also be allowed to deliver displays for the successor to the iPhone 13. In addition to BOE, Samsung and LG are also among the screen suppliers.

Source: The Elec

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