Various users of an iPhone 14 report a strange error that would make you think of a hardware error. But Apple calmed down and promised a remedy in the form of an update.


iPhone 14 current screen bug

Some owners of one iPhone’s 14 have a small problem, their Apple cell phone is doing strange things and shows up shortly after starting or even after waking up from sleep mode strange horizontal lines on the screen (Sources: Reddit, MacRumors Forum). The iPhone 14 Pro Max is mostly affected. The fear of the users: A hardware defect of the display.

This sight makes you worry. (Image source: MacRumors forum, user “Infernoqt”)

But as it turns out now, the problem can probably be eliminated in the future with a software update. One faulty hardware is therefore not the cause for the dilemma. At the Apple Store, affected customers received the following statement: “We are aware of the issue and it is due to the drivers It is definitely a software issue and an update is expected shortly.”

The iPhone 14 is available with four different screens:

Previous attempts at solutions by users, such as deactivating the always-on display or resetting the iPhone, did not always work and only partially brought the hoped-for success. What exactly is behind it has so far remained hidden. But there are suspicions that primarily devices with LG displays are affected, Samsung models fewer. Others suspect in iOS16.2 to have found the culprit, but this too is not certain. In short: There is no clear cause yetbut at least the certainty that the problem should be fixed with an update in the future.

Apple’s current update schedule

Ergo: Affected users can calm down a bit and should in the next few weeks keep an eye out for an update. Apple is currently working on it iOS16.3but there may be another update before the release that will remedy the situation.