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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Does the emergency SMS come via satellite connection? | apple iphone

Even before the current iPhone came out, there were reports that the 13 series could support satellite telephony. As is well known, this has not been confirmed. Industry expert Mark Gurman is now reporting that Apple is actually integrating satellite technology into the iPhone 14 models expected this year.

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Emergency SMS even without a network

on Gurman writes that the Apple Watch will support satellite connectivity in the future so that calls for help can be made in an emergency even without a mobile network. But before that, according to his article, the function should be included in the iPhone 14 this year. Initially, communication via satellite should be limited to sending emergency text messages. In the event of an accident, for example, users would be able to notify emergency services even if no mobile network is available. Telephone calls via satellite are not planned in the foreseeable future because this is unaffordable for average users, according to Gurman.

Catastrophe reports via satellite

In addition, Apple seems to be planning a second satellite emergency function. The system, codenamed “Stewie” internally, is designed to report major accidents or disasters such as plane crashes. Stored emergency contacts should receive the limited text messages even if they have “Do Not Disturb” activated.

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