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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 ensures rescue operations in amusement parks because of accident detection | apple iphone

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Alarm on the roller coaster: The iPhone 14 ensures pointless rescue missions in amusement parks

Roller coasters like this one at Oktoberfest have prompted rescue operations in the US because of a new feature on the iPhone 14

Roller coasters like this one at Oktoberfest have prompted rescue operations in the US because of a new feature on the iPhone 14

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Apple’s latest devices can detect if they’ve been involved in an accident. However, the safety function does not only kick in when there is a real danger to life.

You slowly jog up the incline, reach the apex – and race down with loud screams. Roller coaster rides are a popular and largely safe thrill. Apple’s accident detection introduced with the iPhone 14 and the new Apple Watches does not always recognize them as such. And therefore seems to turn on the emergency call regularly.

This is reported by the “Wall Street Journal”. According to this, Sara White was riding with her family on a roller coaster at Kings Island Amusement Park near Cincinnati when her iPhone 14 recognized the ride as a serious accident. In the hustle and bustle of the journey, the 39-year-old didn’t notice that her phone started making an emergency call on its own. It wasn’t until she got out that she noticed a whole series of missed calls. The emergency hotline had tried to call her back – to confirm she was fine.

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iPhone 14: Not every emergency call is an emergency

Introduced in September with the new iPhone 14 models and the new Apple Watches, the feature is actually pretty smart. If the devices move very quickly and suddenly brake with a lot of noise, the devices suspect an accident. The users are then asked whether they want to make an emergency call. If they don’t respond, the iPhone and Apple Watch will assume they’re unconscious and call an ambulance to be on the safe side.

Exactly that seems to be the crux of the roller coasters. The combination of fast speed, sometimes abrupt braking and the screams of the passengers is recognized by Apple’s algorithm as a potential crash. However, because the owners are distracted, they do not notice the demand for the devices. And as a result, false alarms occur.

False alarms put a strain on the system

According to the report, White is not alone. Journalist Joanna Stern was able to find several cases in which rescue workers had responded to a supposed emergency – only to find completely healthy roller coaster passengers. “We cannot ignore a call,” said the head of an operations center for the newspaper. “We’re used to a certain amount of false alarms, but over time it gets on our nerves.”

Confronted with the problem, an Apple spokesman reiterated that the detection was developed using data from millions of car accidents as a basis and is therefore very reliable. In addition, the group is constantly working on improving the recognition.

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“In an emergency they would find me”

In fact, the functionality of the detection in an emergency has already been confirmed in a sad way. Last weekend, an iPhone in Nebraska automatically reported a tragic accident that killed six people. If there are still chances of survival, victims of such accidents are dependent on every second, the fact that the iPhones dial the emergency call on behalf of the unconscious injured person can save valuable minutes.

Stern has also identified a less tragic case for her article. Motorcyclist Douglas Sonders’ iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was just a few days old, fell out of its cell phone holder in mid-September while he was on tour with a friend. Without his knowledge, it not only alerted the emergency call, but also his wife, who had been set up as emergency contacts, and his mother. Although he had given them a real scare, he wants to keep the function activated. “I know now that it works,” he told the newspaper. “In an emergency, I know they would find me.”

Source:Wall Street Journal

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