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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Experts warn of new function | apple iphone

Recently that is iPhone 14 finally hit the market and with it Apple’s new flagship smartphone. This promises mobile communication like never before and various new functions should ensure this. But now experts are expressing concerns about an upcoming feature – which should actually save lives in the best case.

iPhone 14: SOS emergency calls via satellite carry risks

It has been known for a while that the iPhone 14 will too establish satellite connections can will. However, these only apply to emergency calls. The simple yet important idea behind it: In the event of an emergency in a place without conventional internet and telephone connections, everyone should be able to send out a signal via satellite to get help instead.


So much for the plausible theory. But like digital trends reported, this could also become a problem. Christopher Boyer of the National Association for Search and Rescue, for example, told the magazine that the technology could lull people into a false sense of security. There will always be some untrained people who put their trust in a technique that they don’t understand at all. In addition, this could also be misused simply out of ignorance, false claims or bad intentions.

Satellite connections need certain conditions

Apple itself admits to its support page that certain conditions must be met in order to establish a satellite connection. And Boyer also emphasizes that you have to understand how the technology works and its limitations.

It is therefore ideal if you have a direct view of the sky and the horizon. Then it is not only most likely that the connection will succeed at all, but also that emergency calls will be sent the fastest – this should happen in 15 seconds. Under trees with light or medium foliage it can take as little as a minute, and under heavy foliage or other obstacles it can even fail to connect at all. It probably won’t work in a canyon or a cave either.

Bruce Jones, an expert in alarm technologies for emergency calls and storms, adds that cell phone owners need to know that the function cannot always be fully available. Responsible action is therefore the motto: “Satellite SOS is not a license for risky behavior.”


Out and about in the wilderness with the iPhone 14? You have to take that into account

In principle, however, it is good to have an iPhone 14 in your pocket when hiking in remote places. The satellite function may not be the most reliable, but it is an additional option in the worst case. However, it is advisable to have several communication options in your luggage, which include walkie-talkies in addition to cell phones. Finding out about dangers in nature in general is also one of the important safety measures.

The satellite function is already implemented in the iPhone 14, but will only really be usable with an iOS 16 update in November – but then only in the USA for the time being. The service could also work above the 62nd parallel and thus not in the northern regions of Canada and Alaska, for example. However, anyone traveling to the US and Canada from outside has access to it. This does not apply to iPhone 14 models purchased in China, Hong Kong or Macau.

Source: Apple, Digital Trends

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