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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 feature could cost you hundreds of dollars – turn it off | apple iphone

Each new generation of smartphones wants to outshine the previous one not only with improved technology, but also with completely new functions. Of course, that also applies to this iPhone 14, which has been on the market for a short time. This can automatically detect whether someone is involved in an accident and react accordingly. But if you’re unlucky, you could also be asked to pay for it.

iPhone 14: “Crash Detection” ensures strange emergency calls

The iPhone 14 has what is known as “Crash Detection”. This allows the device to automatically register accidents and automatically make emergency calls. In theory, that might make a lot of sense. In practice, however, there is a major problem area where the function reaches its limits: roller coasters.

The journalist Joanna Stern shared on Twitter examplein which the smartphone notified the police, although the person in question had not had an accident – quite the opposite: they were sitting in a ride and probably had a lot of fun.

Because of iPhone 14: amusement parks put up warnings

As it is also said, this was not an isolated case. Stern wrote in her tweet of at least six known incidents of false emergency calls – and only in a single US amusement park in the state of Ohio. So it is quite possible that there were many more such events worldwide. A Reddit discussion area for example, has almost 180 comments on exactly this topic (as of October 10, 1:57 p.m.).

Like Coaster101 reported, those responsible in amusement parks are now reacting with special warnings. On them, guests are asked to switch off their devices – iPhones as well as Apple Watch models – better, put them in flight mode or, ideally, not take them to the attraction at all. It also says that it doesn’t even take a particularly fast roller coaster to set off the false alarm.

Wrong emergency call in Germany: you have to pay for it

It is not yet known whether such an incident has already been documented in Germany. But if it comes to that, it could be quite expensive: Loud nv Depending on the federal state, emergency calls triggered by technical defects could result in a fine of several 100 euros. If you do it on purpose, you can even imitate it Section 145 of the Criminal Code guilty.

By the way, Stern asked Apple about the problem with the iPhone 14. In response, she received the statement that the function provided one less concern for customers and that the technology would continue to be improved.

Sources: Twitter / @JoannaStern, Coaster101, Reddit, ntv

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