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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 for everyone: New Apple plan could change a lot | apple iphone

The iPhone 14, which will be released in autumn, will in all likelihood cost around 900 euros again and will therefore not be an option for many users. A plan by the manufacturer could change that – and bring many new customers to Apple.

As a Bloomberg report shows, Apple is considering a subscription model for iPhones (here with a contract), which could start a few months after the release of the iPhone 14. Instead of paying the price of the device when you buy it, you would only have to pay a monthly fee. Unlike paying in installments, however, it would not be about spreading the total price over one to two years and paying it piece by piece. The whole thing is more comparable to leasing a car or a Netflix subscription.



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Switch from iPhone 14 to iPhone 15

The subscription model could not only appeal to those who have not previously been able to afford an iPhone, but also to loyal customers who regularly buy a new Apple cell phone – or would like to do so. Because apparently there is also an upgrade option that would let you switch to a new model at a certain point in time, for example from the iPhone 14 to the iPhone 15.

This in turn could then convince another group of people to buy: all those who are waiting for a specific feature that the iPhone 14 (to the rumor overview) is missing. With the iPhone subscription, you don’t have to wait until Apple introduces the function you want in the next generation. Instead, you strike immediately and later upgrade to a new model.

Certainly not the most unlikely scenario, because no matter how good iPhones are: Apple likes to take its time with the introduction of the latest features. A corresponding example from the recent past is the 120 Hz display, which Apple has only offered since the iPhone 13 Pro (Max).

How much does the iPhone subscription cost?

Apple has not yet decided on the monthly price for the iPhone subscription. However, it already seems clear that it would be linked to your Apple ID. So everything would run through the same account that you use to access the App Store or iTunes. When exactly the service will come is unclear. A launch at the end of 2022 can currently be assumed, but a postponement to the beginning of 2023 is possible. Apparently, it’s not impossible that Apple will change its mind. What do you think of the described iPhone subscription: game changer or pipe burst? Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 for everyone: New Apple plan could change a lot | apple iphone | 596a865a47ea4e1998491af4478bc6cf

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