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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 in a top deal with a huge tariff: AirPods Pro for free | apple iphone


The Winter Deals are currently running at O₂. Here you will get some good tech bundles along with tariff. Today we look at the offer around that iPhone 14 with AirPods Pro and O₂ Grow. All in all, you get top hardware here Apple and a special cell phone tariff that grows over time.

iPhone 14 + top tariff: That’s in the bundle offer

First, let’s take a look at what the offer bundle consists of in detail. The main component is the new iPhone 14 in the color “midnight” (black) with 128 GB of storage space. In addition, there is the O₂-Grow tariff, which was launched this year and offers a special feature. Because here you have a monthly data volume of 40 GB 5G– or 4G network available (with up to 300 MBit/s). With every year that you have a contract, you get another 10 GB on top. You can already surf 50 GB per month in the second year and even 60 GB in the third year.

Furthermore, there is an all-network flat rate for telephone calls and SMS as well EU roaming included. Thanks to the Connect option, you can also split the data volume between up to 10 devices and thus have even more of it. The bundle also includes the popular AirPods Pro (2nd generation), which regularly achieve excellent results in terms of sound, ANC and wearing comfort in tests.

598 euros savings potential – how much is the offer worth it?

Let’s get to the costs. You pay for that every month package mobile phone, headphones and tariff 50.99 euros for a term of at least 36 months. There are also one-time costs of 17.99 euros for the device deposit and shipping costs. O₂ gives you the connection price of otherwise 39.99 euros.

Is the offer worth it? Over the minimum term you come to total costs of 1,853.63 euros. Let’s offset that against the equivalent value of the individual products – that is at least 884 euros for the iPhone 14, 268 euros for the AirPods Pro and 1,299.63 euros for the O₂ Grow tariff (with a term of 36 months). All added up, you would individually pay at least 2,451.63 euros over three years. Means: In the action bundle you save 598 euros. But that’s not all, you can also secure another 100 euros switching bonus if you take your previous phone number with you. The monthly basic fee is still comparatively high – but in the package you definitely save a lot of money and you also get a lot for it.

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