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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 is finally falling in price: this discount code makes it possible! | apple iphone

You have until Black Friday waited to bring you the latest iPhone to buy? Then you will find the best price for the iPhone 14 on bargain day on eBay. Because here a discount code ensures that you can save over 100 euros for the iPhone compared to the RRP. We’ll tell you how the campaign works.

Apple made headlines just a few weeks ago with a whopping price increase. The manufacturer is officially calling out 999 euros for the latest iPhone 14. On Black Friday, thanks to a discount code, the costs drop to just 879 euros. This is the best price ever for the latest iPhone. Other dealers require at least 954 euros.

Is it worth buying the iPhone 14 for 879 euros?

Are you unsure whether it has to be the latest iPhone? Then I recommend you my review of the iPhone 14. If you prefer to strike quickly, there is of course also a small assessment here. Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 14 offers few advantages. Visually, there have rarely been so few changes at Apple. And large parts of the hardware have also remained the same.

The processor of the previous generation works in the iPhone 14, but with additional graphics cores. With this, Apple offers its cinema mode in 4K and introduces a new action mode for stabilized videos. As an innovation, the iPhone 14 should last a little longer – but not much of it was felt in everyday life.

Quite relevant if you like to use smartphones without a protective cover: repairs have become cheaper thanks to a new layout of the components inside the iPhone 14. Both the display and the glass on the back can be replaced more cheaply.

If you are still using a very old iPhone or want to switch to an Apple cell phone, the basic model of the latest series is definitely worth it. With Black Friday, the price finally falls below 900 euros. The price will probably not fall significantly lower in the next six months.


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