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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 is going to be a little bit of a battery monster. New leak gives hope | apple iphone

In September we expect the release of the iPhone 14 series. There is still a long way to go until then, but the rumor mill is already churning. A new leak affects the energy storage of Apple smartphones.

Well-informed leakers keep publishing interesting information about upcoming devices. And that long before the official presentation. Especially with large manufacturers like Apple, numerous specifications of upcoming devices leak out in advance. Now the fairly accurate insider ShrimpApplePro has leaked the alleged capacities of the iPhone 14 batteries on Twitter.

iPhone 14 battery enlargement: The energy storage should grow that much

Accordingly, Apple should install larger batteries in the upcoming iPhones than in the current devices. However: Apple does not provide any official information in mAh for its energy storage devices. The manufacturer from Cupertino promises you running times instead. For example, Apple gives up to 17 hours of video playback for the iPhone 13 (here with a contract).

We are therefore dependent on unofficial sources, such as teardowns, for information on the battery capacity in mAh. The capacities of the iPhone 13 series were determined in such tests. According to this, the iPhone 13 has a battery with 3240 mAh. According to the current leak, the successor model should be equipped with 3279 mAh.

The increase in the other models is also rather slight. We can therefore expect the biggest jump in the Pro model. While the iPhone 13 Pro (here with a contract) has a 3095 mAh battery, the successor is said to experience an increase to 3200 mAh – i.e. a whole 105 mAh larger.

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What the numbers can mean

Apple is apparently planning some innovations in the upcoming iPhone 14 series. You can get a comprehensive overview of this in our iPhone 14 rumor overview. The previous assumptions assume that Apple wants to up the ante with particularly energy-hungry components for example the display. This would also mean higher power consumption. The increase in battery capacity could therefore have no noticeable effect. However, Apple knows better than almost any other manufacturer how to coordinate the components in a device. One consequence of this: Very high energy efficiency.

We will probably only find out how long the iPhone 14 and its siblings will actually last on one charge when the cell phones are available. Until then, you can convince yourself of the endurance of the current iPhone generation in our tests.

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