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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Leaked molds hint at big changes | apple iphone

Michael Simon, Halyna Kubiv

Photos of iPhone 14 case molds are now circulating on Weibo. If they are real, they indicate major changes.


Apple’s fall event for the iPhone will only take place in about five months, but the rumors and leaks about the new generation don’t stop. A photo of the alleged molds for iPhone 14 cases surfaced over the weekend, which promises major changes – and would confirm previous speculation.


The photos, taken from a Weibo post (via ”

“) only show the back of the smartphone, on which you can clearly see how different the new models are. The most obvious difference between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 is the size. As previously reported, Apple is eliminating the apparently unpopular iPhone Mini in favor of an iPhone Max that will have the same 6.7-inch display as the iPhone 13 Pro Max. That means the Standard and Pro ranges will have the same screen size for the first time and Apple won’t have a new iPhone anymore will sell under 6 inches.

Changes to camera cutouts

Cameras and the cutouts for them have also changed significantly. While the camera combos remain the same – two cameras on the standard models and three on the Pro models – camera cutouts are getting larger and notably taller on all models. The difference is particularly noticeable on the Pro models, which are rumored to get a 48MP wide-angle camera. Changes to the ultra-wide-angle and telephoto cameras have also been reported, although the long-awaited periscope lens for extended zooming is likely headed for the iPhone 15.

The best cases for the iPhone 13 (Pro)

The front of the dies isn’t visible, so it’s not clear if Apple actually omits the notch. Rumor has it that Apple wants to use a unique circle-oval design instead that offers a bit more space around the components. The cutout will reportedly be retained on the non-Pro models.

These changes could come at a price, however, as Apple is rumored to be starting the iPhone 14 at $799/€899 and increasing the price of the Pro models by $100/€100-€150 each. We expect Apple to unveil the iPhone 14 at an event around mid-September.

Our assessment:

The molds for the future iPhones are a good indication of the coming changes, but not definitive proof. Apple works so closely with only a few case manufacturers that they may get the blueprints of the future iPhone in advance. The rest rely more on the rumors and hints from suppliers and try to reproduce them in 3D prototypes as quickly and as accurately as possible in order to prepare their own cases for the new model. Most such predictions are quite accurate, a guarantee that the upcoming iPhone will be just

how a case manufacturer imagines it
certainly does not exist.

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