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Whether the standard iPhone 14 is a flop or not, sales of the iPhone 14 lineup are anything but disappointing, quite the opposite: For the manufacturing partners, they appear to be a money guarantee of gigantic proportions. Foxconn, for example, now reported a hefty increase in sales.

Apple’s new iPhone 14 may be received very differently by customers depending on the model, sooner or later Apple may shipwreck with its all too obvious neglect of the standard iPhone 14, but at least not today or tomorrow, as impressively shown by new figures from Foxconn, the company that still assembles the vast majority of iPhones for Apple.

The paver has earned more than ever in the last month. Foxconn increased its revenue in September by a whopping 40.4% compared to the same period last year and a whopping 83% compared to the previous month, quoted CNBC from the balance sheet.

Apple is a key customer

Foxconn has thus earned almost 26 billion dollars in the past month. Foxconn does not speak completely plain text in its balance sheets, but they do speak a clear language in their own way. The significant increase in earnings results from a market launch and smoothly running mass production. The department for intelligent consumer electronics – iPhones are assembled there – also made a significant contribution to the good result.

In other words, the iPhone drove sales skyrocketed. This is also how the market researcher Counterpoint Research sees it in a corresponding statement. For the medium term, however, Foxconn still sees significant uncertainties, including variables related to the pandemic, inflation and other supply chain issues.

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