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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: little new and still more expensive? | apple iphone

Old processor, unchanged design and otherwise no groundbreaking innovations – so far the prospects are falling iPhone 14 quite sobering. Significant differences to the current one iPhone 13 you have to look for the current status of the rumor mill with a magnifying glass. If the previous speculations come true, Apple will find it difficult to justify the price premium that has now become standard for new iPhone models. The analyst known for his Apple forecasts Ming Chi Kuo still believes that the average retail price of the iPhone 14 series will increase by a whopping 15 percent. He bases his assumption on the sales forecasts of the Apple supplier Foxconn, which have recently increased significantly.
According to his assessment, the reason for the possible surcharge is not so much the regular iPhone 14. Kuo rather expects Apple to sell its customers to the iPhone 14 Pro and the larger iPhone 14 Pro Max will dig much deeper into your pocket. Both models probably offer a new chip and a changed display design. Although Kuo does not name any specific costs for the individual versions of the iPhone 14, he assumes an average sales price of between 1,000 and 1,050 US dollars (approx. 968 and 1,016 euros) for all models. For your orientation: In the USA, the regular iPhone costs 13,799 US dollars (approx. 774 euros). The Pro is $999 and the Pro Max is $1,099.

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Increased freight costs also increase the price

According to Kuo, the reason for the price increase is not only the new technology in the iPhone 14 Pro. The increased freight and manufacturing costs as a result of the global economic restrictions also contribute to the higher exchange rate. As early as June 2022, an analyst from Wedbush Securities prophesiedthat the simple iPhone 14 is around 100 US dollars (about 97 euros) more expensive than the iPhone 13. Here, too, the increased manufacturing and freight costs due to supply bottlenecks and the energy crisis were seen as the main price drivers.
Korean leaker Lanzuk said loudly The Verge on the other hand, recently predicted that Apple would only raise the prices for the Pro models and sell the iPhone 14 at the old cost point. You will probably find out in mid-September 2022 which path the tech group from California will actually choose. Then the unveiling of the new iPhones will be on the agenda.

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