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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Max: Alleged delay due to lockdowns in China | apple iphone

Apple’s all-new “iPhone 14 Max” could be a late arrival as one of four new smartphone models the company is planning this fall. This is said to have leaked from the group’s supply chain in Asia and would then be the case if it were not possible to make up for lost time. In a report by the Economic Service Nike Asia from Japan it is said that Apple’s development plans have been affected by the Chinese lockdowns in Shanghai, among other places. This means that one model is currently around three weeks behind the scheduled date.


The “iPhone 14 Max” is the direct successor to the iPhone 13 mini, whose form factor Apple wants to stamp according to consistent reports. The compact device with its 5.4 inches is said to be unpopular. Instead, Apple is planning an inflated version of the regular “iPhone 14”: In addition to the 6.4-inch model, there should also be a Max version with 6.7 inches. This in turn is based on the “iPhone 14 Pro Max”. The change in production required for this now appears to be causing problems in connection with Beijing’s zero-Covid policy.

Of the Report from Nike Asia has since been confirmed by analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities. All four “iPhone 14” models are therefore in the so-called Engineering Verification Test (EVT), which is before mass production. The “14”, “14 Pro” and “14 Pro Max” models should start in August, but the “14 Max” is not ready yet. It would be conceivable that this model will also be delivered later. However, there is a possibility that Apple’s production plans will accelerate.


Shanghai is currently at the end of a very long lockdown phase; but this is not completely over yet. In China, Covid-19 measures are usually also associated with production problems, in Shanghai and in Kunshan plants of the Apple manufacturer Pegatron were directly affected.

The unerring analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also sees the delays in the “iPhone 14 Max”, says, however, that Apple has not lowered its production targets for the time being. The pavers could still catch up; He sees problems on the demand side rather than the supply side. Apple is said to plan to produce about 220 million iPhones in 2022.

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