Apple introduced the new iPhone range on September 7th. In addition to the normal version, the iPhone 14 Plus, Pro and Pro Max will also appear. But what about the iPhone 14 mini?


Most new smartphones have a screen diagonal of 6 inches. This is a bit too big for some smartphone users, which is why they want a compact device. With a screen diagonal of 5.42 inches (13.76 cm), the iPhone 13 Mini was easy to hold. What about a small successor?

Where is the iPhone 14 mini?

A mini version of the iPhone 14 was not presented together with the new Apple smartphones. So there is no iPhone 14 mini planned. A main reason for the lack of the small model is the comparatively low demand.

There is certainly a group of users who do not want to hold a giant smartphone in their hands. However, a majority of Apple supporters don’t seem to belong. The iPhone 12 mini was already produced in summer 2021 set early. The device has brought in only 6 percent of iPhone sales. With the iPhone 13 mini, too, there were repeated rumors about an early end due to low sales figures. After all, they didn’t come true with last year’s mini offshoot. The iPhone 13 Mini will remain available even after the release of the iPhone 14.

iPhone SE 2023 as an iPhone 14 mini replacement?

If you want a small iPhone, you won’t get an iPhone 14 mini, but you can use the iPhone SE. A current version of the compact iOS device was presented this year. Technically, the device does not have to hide from the “main” iPhones, after all, the iPhone SE 2022 is still working with the current Bionic A15 processor, which is also in the iPhone 14. there are rumors after which also in 2023 a new iPhone SE could appear. The fourth SE generation could therefore be the unofficial “iPhone 14 Mini”.

The new iPhone SE could be the leaker According to Jon Prosser get by without a home button and be equipped with Face ID. In terms of looks, the upcoming iPhone SE should be based on the iPhone XR. So it may be larger than the previous iPhone SE models.

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