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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 – New leak could put previous rumors into question | apple iphone

Isn't the iPhone 14 Max called Max after all?

Isn’t the iPhone 14 Max called Max after all?

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There have been numerous leaks lately about the upcoming new iPhones from Apple with the house number 14. In fact, there were already so many that there were hardly any unanswered questions and we were only waiting for the launch in September. think! A new leak spoils previous reports. At least if you look at the mind game of the colleagues from tech radar get involved and think through its potential consequences. Because the information itself is anything but exciting. Everything we know about the new iPhones can be found here:

All rumours, leaks and first pictures



iPhone 14

All rumours, leaks and first pictures

iPhone 14 Max shouldn’t even be called Max

Like the Korean leaker lanzuk on the platform Naver reported that the iPhone 14 Max should not be called iPhone 14 Max but iPhone 14 Plus. Apart from the name, nothing is supposed to change. According to previous rumors and leaks, the iPhone 14 Plus should have the same specifications as the iPhone 14, only the screen should be 6.7 inches instead of 6.1 inches. An iPhone 14 for those who prefer a larger screen.


Soon also with iOS 16: The iPhone 13

That would be the first iPhone since the iPhone 8 Plus with the same plus in the name of. Ok, that’s not particularly exciting in and of itself either. What’s interesting, according to Techradar, is the subtext, what’s between the lines:

If the iPhone 14 Max ends up being called Plus instead of Max, even though all the other leaks were so sure of the name beforehand, what does that say about their general credibility? Because: If they were all wrong about the name of the device, then maybe in other respects as well? Will the iPhone 14 series be more expensive than expected? Is the front camera of the basic version actually getting better? Are there maybe even hopes for a 14 mini, which should make the author of this article happy? The new leak could question many of the previous ones.

I will probably never buy a new iPhone again


Opinion on iPhone 14

I will probably never buy a new iPhone again

Are leaks just smoke and mirrors?

All of this could be on your mind now. The crucial question, however, is how credible the new leak itself is. According to Techradar, lanzuk is no stranger to the industry. And even if his hit rate is mixed, he is generally right. Another leaker named ShrimpApplePro is sure that lanzuk is wrong and denigrates him in a tweet:

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This raises the question of how certain it is that the Pro models of the 14 series will not be equipped with 8 GB of RAM. After all, there is still no official information. So in the end it’s leak against leak. And we are free to choose which one we want to believe.

Nevertheless, the question arises as to whether we generally believe leaks too quickly and blindly. By the way, this does not only apply to smartphones like in this case the iPhone 14 Max or Plus or whatever. Two years ago, the then still unknown graphics cards from Nvidia, i.e. RTX 3000, were hotly debated, leaks and rumors were certain of the specifications:

The RTX 3080, for example, was supposed to have 4,352 cores, but in the end Nvidia doubled the number. Admittedly, with a little trick, but most of the leakers didn’t see that coming. And neither do we. Speaking of graphics cards: You can find out in the GameStar podcast what we are expecting from new models from Nvidia, AMD and Intel this year:

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how do you see it? Do you think an iPhone 14 Max/Plus is really coming? And what do you think it will be called in the end? How do you feel about leaks in general? Write it to us in the comments!

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