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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: New rumors about colors and features | apple iphone

The days of guesswork are numbered, in about two months Apple will almost certainly reveal that iPhone 14. Until then, fans are content with information from the rumor mill. She recently spat out fresh details. The Twitter user Jioriku has unerringly features of the last year iPhone 13 predicted. Now he comments on his successor and has a few fresh insights ready.
As the tipster details in a series of recent tweets, both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro in the new color purple. Apple is deleting the pink iPhone 14 and the Pro model in “Sierra Blue”. According to Jioriku, Apple temporarily experimented with a titanium variant for the case of the iPhone 14 Pro, but ultimately rejected it. Instead, the manufacturer now uses the material of the iPhone 13 Pro return.

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Old save options, faster loading speed

The insider has also commented on the available memory sizes of the new Apple cell phones, but cannot report anything exciting here. Nothing will change on this point, the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro should be available in the same versions as their predecessors. The battery is a little different. According to the tipster, the iPhone 14 supports fast charging with a power of 30 watts for the first time. However, this only applies to the first part of the charging cycle, from a certain charging capacity the iPhone 14 throttles to 25 to 27 watts.

Regarding the new A16 bionic chip in the iPhone 14 Pro, Jioriku reveals that it performed a few percentage points better in tests thanks to optimized heat management. However, the article does not state which chip the insider uses to compare the results. He suspects that the lower heat development is mainly due to the software, but that Apple may have made minor changes to the case of the Pro models to optimize the dissipation.

Stronger MagSafe magnet

Last but not least, the Twitter user reports a stronger MagSafe magnet and a larger and therefore heavier MagSafe battery pack. According to him, the display cutouts in the iPhone 14 Pro look “just as strange” as the numerous designs circulating on the Internet show, but could lead to some unspecified software improvements in the future.

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