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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 on sale: Here you can find Apple cell phones at the best price | apple iphone

Only recently Amazon waved best prices for some of the new iPhone variants. Now another retailer is following suit: The iPhone 14 still costs 895 euros instead of around 950 euros. Where are the iPhone bargains?


In September, Apple fans were delighted with the new iPhone generation. However, the prices were less pleasing: The iPhone 14 models are significantly more expensive on the EU market than their predecessors. But about a month later there are already worthwhile offers for the flagship smartphones, for example the standard model of the iPhone 14 for 895 euros on eBay.

iPhone 14 on eBay: What is the deal good for?

deal check: 895 euros? That’s still a hefty sum for a smartphone – but for the new iPhone 14 it’s a bargain that’s worth seeing. For comparison: The next best offer is 949 euros. On eBay you currently save over 50 euros.

The iPhone 14 at a glance:

  • screen: 6.1 inch OLED display
  • chip: Apple A15 Bionic
  • storage space: 128GB
  • camera: 12 MP dual camera with ultra wide angle lens
  • front camera: 12 MP, with autofocus

For the new generation, Apple deleted the mini model. The standard version of the iPhone 14 is therefore the smallest and cheapest smartphone in the series. In the practical tests of chip and computer image, it performed “very well” and convinced with a strong computing power and a long battery life.

Alternative offer: iPhone 14 with tariff at Media Markt

Can it be a new tariff for the new smartphone? Then it’s worth taking a look at Media Markt’s online shop. The iPhone 14 is available here for a one-off price of 119 euros in a bundle with the 60 gigabyte contract from o2.

  • O2 Free L with 60 GB LTE data volume: 49.99 euros / month
  • connection price: 39.99 euros
  • iPhone 14 128GB: 169 euros
  • contract term: 24 Months
  • Actual cost of the tariff: 21.40 euros / month

The calculation shows that this offer is also worthwhile. If you add up the total costs over the minimum contract period and subtract the currently best price for the iPhone 14 (895 euros), the effective monthly price for the tariff is 21.40 euros. For 60 gigabytes, that’s a very fair deal. On top of that, o2 offers a EUR 100 switching bonus for new customers.

10 gigabytes for 9 euros: Tariff bargains at SIMon mobile

With 60 gigabytes per month, you can surf, stream and work extensively on the mobile network. However, if you mainly use the WLAN network and do not need quite as much data volume, you will find a tariff bargain with SIMon mobile:

  • 10 GB data volume and all-network flat rate in the Vodafone LTE network
  • Price: 8.99 euros / month
  • number portability
  • No connection fee

The tariff can be canceled on a monthly basis. You only have to do without the 5G mobile network here. For the conditions offered, around 9 euros a month is still a very good deal!

Good iPhone 14 deals and tariffs

Whether iPhone, tariff or both together: There are regularly good offers for everything on the net. If you are hoping for a worthwhile deal, you do not have to wait long. eBay currently has an unbeatable price for the new iPhone 14. If you want a tariff, it pays to take a look at the Media Markt or SIMon mobile shops.

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