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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 on sale: Here you can get an Apple cell phone at a great price | apple iphone

Apple cell phone price check
iPhone 14: Is this the current best deal?


The price of Apple’s new generation of cell phones has fallen. You can now get the iPhone cheaper on eBay as part of a promotion. Is the offer worth it?


The iPhone 14 is on sale. Only a few weeks ago you got it for 895 euros instead of the stately 950 euros. Thanks to a winter campaign shortly before Christmas, the price on eBay has fallen even further. With code you now pay 839 euros. So this deal deserves a check.

iPhone 14 on eBay: What is the deal good for?

deal check: 839 euros? That’s still a hefty sum for a smartphone – but for the new iPhone 14 it’s a bargain that’s worth seeing. For comparison: The next best offer is 905.95 euros. On eBay you currently save over 65 euros.

The iPhone 14 at a glance:

  • screen: 6.1 inch OLED display
  • chip: Apple A15 Bionic
  • storage space: 128GB
  • camera: 12 MP dual camera with ultra wide angle lens
  • front camera: 12 MP, with autofocus

Assessment: For the new generation, Apple deleted the mini model. The standard version of the iPhone 14 is therefore the smallest and cheapest smartphone in the series. In the practical tests of chip and computer image, it performed “very well” and convinced with a strong computing power and a long battery life. The price is cheaper than anywhere else right now.

Alternative: iPhone 14 with tariff in the Vodafone network

Can it be a new tariff for the new smartphone? Then it’s worth taking a look at the Media Markt tariff shop. Here is the iPhone 14 with 128 GB of storage for a one-time price of 349 euros in a bundle with the 38 gigabyte contract from Freenet.

The calculation shows: This offer is also worthwhile. If you add up the total costs over the minimum contract period and subtract the currently best price for the iPhone 14 (839 euros), the effective monthly price for the tariff is 26.24 euros. For 38 gigabytes of all-network flat rate with SMS and telephony in the Vodafone network, this is a comparatively fair deal. On top of that, Freenet offers a EUR 50 exchange bonus for new customers.

Conclusion: Good deals for iPhone 14 with and without a tariff

Whether iPhone, tariff or both together: There are regularly good offers for everything on the net. If you are hoping for a worthwhile deal, you do not have to wait long. eBay currently has an unbeatable price for the new iPhone 14. If you want a tariff, it pays to take a look at the Media Markt shop.

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