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The iPhone 14 “Pro” will hardly be available for Christmas. Let’s see what the smaller iPhone 14 is good for as an alternative.

Anyone who is only now looking around for an iPhone 14 Pro that is supposed to bring joy at Christmas has bad cards. Mainly due to the restrictive Covid measures in China, there will not be enough devices to fulfill all wishes for Santa Claus. The iPhone 14 looks much better, i.e. the models without “Pro” in the name: They are readily available. But what properties do you have to do without?

The following comparison focuses on the relevant differences. On the other hand, the details that are only of interest to a small target group have been left out. Last year’s A15 SoC works in the iPhone 14, while the brand new A16 SoC does its job in the iPhone 14 Pro. The differences in normal everyday life? gift. And even more small print: The 6.1-inch iPhone 14 always also means the iPhone 14 “Plus”, which has the same properties but has its own appeal with its 6.7-inch display.


The camera

Let’s start with the most important. If the target person takes pictures enthusiastically, this is where the biggest compromises await. But that doesn’t mean that the camera in the iPhone 14 isn’t convincing, on the contrary: the photos are pleasing with their crisp contrasts and natural colors. Even with extreme contrasts, you can still see detail in the deepest shadows and highlights, as in this example:

Trees and clouds in the blue sky of an autumn day

Drawing everywhere – in the highlights and the shadows



When it comes to night shots, the iPhone 14 also scores with almost noise-free shots and balanced exposure:

Night shot with hazy sky, full moon

It was dark, the moon shone brightly…


In short, the camera module of the regular iPhone 14 is convincing across the board – but it lacks some of the features that make the Pro model so desirable for photographers.

The most obvious is the missing third camera. While the iPhone 14 has to make do with focal lengths of 14 mm («0.5×» in the camera app) and 26 mm (1×), the Pro model delivers 14 mm (0.5×), 24 mm (1×), 48 mm (2×) and 78 mm (3×) – with the longest focal length being a lossless crop enlargement made possible by the new 48 Mpx sensor in the main camera – and the iPhone 14 lacks that too.

Next to each other the overall shot and the section of a rope

The 48 Mpx of the main camera in the iPhone 14 Pro is of course a house number


The Pro also has the macro shots that peel out very fine structures – even with freehand shots. Here is the motif at a glance:

Green and pink gift string

This is where the iPhone 14 reaches its limits:

Close-up of gift string

Up close with the iPhone 14, …


And this is as far as the iPhone 14 Pro can go:

Even closer closeup of the gift string

… but with the iPhone 14 Pro you can do much more


In addition, only the Pro model can record photos in ProRAW format and videos in ProRes format. However, this is where it gets a bit niche, because it takes a strong passion for film and photography to wrest professional use from these bulky formats.

Equally interesting is the question of which properties the two models share. One of the highlights of this generation is the “Action Mode”, in which the iPhones crop a video in real time so that it looks buttery smooth – almost as if it had been recorded with a gimbal. Both models also share the new “Photonic Engine”: this software optimization delivers more natural and low-noise (night) shots without appearing a little over-sharpened, as was sometimes the case.

Recommendation. There are a few other differences that look good, especially on paper – but often have little practical relevance, such as a slightly larger aperture. And so the third camera and the 48 Mpx sensor of the main camera remain as the heavyweight features of the Pro model. But that should not hide the fact that the smaller iPhone 14 also offers two cameras that ensure the best memories and spectacular videos.

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