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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro: Always-on display energy consumption tested | apple iphone

Android fans have known the always-on display function from their smartphones for a long time. This is very useful as it continuously displays important information such as the date and time. For the iPhone 14 Pro Apple submitted the feature not too long ago and immediately received harsh criticism. Improvements were later made – a test now shows whether the effort was worth it, especially with regard to the battery.

iPhone 14 Pro: Always-on display examined more closely

The joy about the new function in the two iPhone 14 Pro models quickly gave way to disillusionment. Fans have complained that only a darkened background image was displayed and that this consumed too much energy. Apple responded a short time later with one Update with additional setting options.

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But how is the always-on display doing after the supposed improvement? This question was asked on the YouTube channel PhoneBuff to where you wanted to determine the battery consumption – after all, that was the main criticism of the fans before. The following rules applied to the test: the phone was put on flight mode, the screen brightness was set to 200 nits and the room itself was 1000 lux bright.

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Always-on display power test results

If the background image was still on, the battery lost 16 percent within 24 hours with a consumption of 0.8 percent per hour. However, if you only chose a purely black background, the value improved somewhat to 14 percent and 0.6 percent per hour.

Of course, the test also included the observation of the always-on display being completely switched off. Here, the iPhone 14 Pro Max used was able to maintain 100 percent of the battery charge over the entire period. Incidentally, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was also used for comparison, which delivered similar results.


In addition, under the general conditions mentioned above, the battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro devices can even improve in everyday life. Because the always-on display function is automatically switched off in certain situations, for example if the cell phone is in your pocket or lying around with the screen side down.

Source: YouTube/PhoneBuff

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