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If you ask yourself which smartphone has the best camera in 2022, many look at test reports under laboratory conditions or derive the performance from the number of megapixels of the sensors. But beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder. Hence, a well-known YouTuber has this iPhone 14 Pro and fifteen other mobile phones subjected to a public test – with surprising results.

iPhone 14 Pro and Co. prove it

YouTuber Marques Bronwlee wanted in his new Video clarify the question: Which smartphone in 2022 really has the best camera? To do this, he took advantage of his 16.5 million subscribers and created a survey in XXL format.

A total of 16 smartphones were tested, including the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, the iPhone 14 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. But three photos were also taken with thirteen other mobile phones, i.e. there were a total of 16 test objects:

  1. A standard photo under normal conditions
  2. A night shot
  3. A portrait mode photo

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Huge amount of data captured

Afterwards, everyone was able to take part in the voting, where the photos were shown anonymously to the viewers. Two photos of the same motif were always shown to the voters. They could then decide which appealed to them more. So nobody knew whether they were looking at the picture from an iPhone 14 Pro or one of the cheap models.

In the next selection, two randomly selected images were then compared with each other. With every click, Bronwlee collected a total of over 20 million votes and compared the values ​​in an ELO rating. You can even participate in the until the end of the year participate in votingif you want to get an exact picture of the process.

Winner costs almost 350 euros

In the end it turned out that the Google Pixel 6a won the race. With a cost of around 350 euros, it can almost be described as a cheap cell phone compared to the iPhone 14 Pro (around 1,000 euros). Even if the pixel smartphone does not take first place in every category (night shot, standard, portrait), the general comparison together with all the values ​​made the difference.

The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, made it to 7th place and is thus positioned in the middle of the field. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was also unable to secure a place on the podium, but it shines with brilliant images in fifth place.

Source: YouTube / Marques Bronwlee, own research

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