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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro gets always-on display: new clues | apple iphone

That should be in the fall iPhone 14 Pro come on the market. As the futurezone recently reported, it could be about a Always-on display feature. With an always-on display, turns on the The screen does not turn off completely when idle, but instead shows widgets or notifications, for example. Many Android smartphones with an AMOLED display have had such a function for years. Also Apple Watches have been equipped with it since the 5th generation.

Code indicates function

New clues in the code of the new operating system version iOS 16 now confirm speculation that the Pro models are equipped with it. In the SwiftUI previewin which developers get a preview of the beta version code, a suspicious behavior was observed: As soon as the screen is simulated to be turned off, the new lock screen widgets semi-transparent. Only the clock remains on the screen, while the widget appears in black and white.


The Twitter user rhogel glue demonstrates this behavior of iOS 16 using a photo widget on its display. It appears in grayscale:

Steve Moser shows with a whale emoji that the textures on the screen are also reduced. Both clearly indicate the existence of an always-on display, the two users conclude. The display in grayscale and the reduced resolution saves energy: This is to prevent the always-on display from drastically reducing battery life.

Pro models with better memory and chip

The always-on display is just one of several features that will be reserved for the more expensive iPhone 14 models this fall. According to speculation, Pro iPhones should have a better main camera and a faster one LPDDR5random access memory and a new one A16 chip receive.

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