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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro: How the Dynamic Island works | apple iphone

2022 marked the year that Apple – at least partially – said goodbye to the notch. The camera notch at the top of the screen has been an integral design language of the iPhone since 2017. Over the years, the notch has shrunk more and more. But it never completely disappeared from the iPhone. Alternative cutouts for the front camera have been available on Android smartphones for a long time. Because Apple’s not just consists of the lens, but of a series of sensors, the space required is much larger.

The company made a virtue out of necessity with the iPhone 14 Pro: The notch has disappeared and the Dynamic Island has appeared in its place. If you hold the iPhone 14 against the sunlight, you can guess the individual components of the TrueDepth camera, the round front camera on the right and the pill-shaped sensors on the left. So that the space between the cutouts does not remain unused as dead space, Apple developed the Dynamic Island as a compromise. This software solution conceals the presence of the visible hardware – at least until Apple finds a way to make a display without bezels and camera cutouts.

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