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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 (Pro): Is Apple finally bringing the always-on display? | apple iphone

The fact that smartphones display selected information, such as the time, even when the screen is off, has long been common practice on Android. iPhone users, on the other hand, are still waiting for the so-called always-on display. while the apple watch has been equipped with the feature since the fifth generation, Apple still does not have this option on its cell phones. The tide could turn in 2022 – at least for selected iPhone owners.
This is what industry insider and Apple expert Mark Gurman claims in an article in the business magazine Bloomberg. Accordingly, Apple leads with iOS 16 the ability to display a limited amount of information on the iPhone screen even when it is locked and turned off. Annoying: Like so many alleged innovations should the always-on display only be on the iPhone 14 Pro and the larger iPhone 14 Pro Max are available, while the regular Apple phone models get nothing.

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Will the iPhone 14 Pro get an LTPO display?

Gurman assumes that Apple will use a similar technical solution to the implementation of the feature as with the Apple Watch. Accordingly, the system shuts down the frame rate of the lock screen in always-on mode to save power. However, it remains unclear whether Apple will also install the particularly energy-efficient LTPO display of the newer Apple Watches in the iPhone 14 Pro. Analysts already had one for that in 2021 iPhone 13 forecast and expected the introduction of an always-on feature, but were wrong.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will actually give in with the iPhone 14 Pro and provide the requested function. The first official information could be available as early as June 6, 2022. Then Apple holds its annual developer conference WWDC. Experts expect that the group will present some innovations for iOS 16 in this context.

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