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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro (Max): Camera shake and freezing data transfer issues | apple iphone

Over the weekend, many buyers of the new iPhone 14 models were able to try out their devices for the first time after they were officially launched on Friday. This revealed a number of previously unknown hardware-related issues that are unique to the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models – the top Apple smartphones this year.


This is how it happens when using the camera in popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram or TikTok the sensor module seems to be going haywire. The rear unit trembles and shakes, which may be caused by the optical image stabilization (OIS). Sometimes the camera even makes audible scratching and shaking noises. Apple’s own camera app, on the other hand, works normally.

In videos showing the effect, you can hear the noise and see how the image does not come into focus leaves. There have been suggestions that Apple’s camera changes are so big that apps will need software tweaks as well; however, this should normally be done by the operating system. Developers are (actually) not allowed to use private APIs for camera control. It is also surprising that the problem has not been noticed before with such popular apps. The error could not be found on an iPhone 14 Pro Max in the Mac & i editorial team. It is to be hoped that the effect will not cause physical damage to the camera module. It is best for users to exit the respective app immediately. There are still no statements from Apple on the problem.

Another problem that emerged over the weekend concerns data transfer from an old iPhone to a new iPhone 14 Pro (Max). The transfer process remains unfinished, the device simply freezes. Apple says it is already informed and examine the error. Apparently, both the data transfer via iCloud restore (from a backup) and the use of the quick start routine (via WLAN) are affected. It might help to use a wired connection here.


Apple had already delivered a first update (iOS 16.0.1) for the new iPhones, which is supposed to fix activation problems, among other things, and there was also a display bug, which is only indirectly related to the camera. FaceTime and iMessage also caused trouble, which should also be fixed with the update.

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