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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro Max in the test: always-on display makes the difference | apple iphone

Certainly: In the future, the iPhones will contact Globalstar’s satellite network if there is no network available in an emergency. The new lock screen is configurable and shows new messages or calendar notifications in always-on mode.
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The new iPhone 14 Pro Max in practice. You have to get used to the always-on display first. The camera resolution increased to 48 megapixels is spectacular.

JEvery glance at the new iPhone is irritating. The first fleeting thought is always that something is wrong. After a millisecond, normality sets in. For the first time, the Pro model variants of the iPhone 14 use an always-on display that is permanently switched on with reduced brightness. This has been around in the Android world for a long time and has one main benefit: With a quick side glance, you can see not only the time, but also, for example, the next entry in the appointment calendar, a new message from Whatsapp or how many calories you have already sporty has done. Always-on makes an Apple Watch superfluous, one could put it bluntly.

Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro Max in the test: always-on display makes the difference | apple iphone | michael spehr misp


In contrast to the androids, the entire display, including the background image, is permanently switched on and you can configure the details individually. This includes what content is displayed below the time. Up to four elements can be placed, and this can not only be information from Apple services and apps, but also from third-party manufacturers. Push notifications now come in from the bottom of the display. In addition, different screens can be linked to different focus modes, so that with the “nap” focus different information appears on the display than in standard mode.

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