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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro Max: Now cheaper on Ebay! | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro Max: Now cheaper on Ebay! | apple iphone | iPhone 14 Pro

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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro Max: Now cheaper on Ebay! | apple iphone | Insider Picks 2 1

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The iPhone 14 Pro Max is still relatively new: It was only launched last autumn along with other models of the iPhone 14 generation and is therefore only available at a relatively high price. at ebay but you can now secure new best prices: For the variant with You pay 128 gigabytes there 1,279.00 euros instead of 1,449.00 euros*for 256 gigabytes 1,379.00 euros instead of 1,579.00 euros*. That’s a saving of 12 or 13 percent and another 20.00 euros less than the previous best price – you can find out below whether the deals are worth it.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max: what does the Pro Max version bring?

In contrast to the basic and plus models, the technology of the Pro version of the Apple smartphone has been noticeably improved. Among other things, the faster A16 Bionic Chip, a better camera, the new Dynamic Island and the always-on display are installed there. The battery life should also be significantly longer than that of the previous models.

Is Apple’s Pro Max smartphone worth it?

Despite the new best prices, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is still a comparatively expensive device. But the purchase is worthwhile: When Consumer magazine “Imtest” was able to convince the Apple smartphone as the test winner and received the result grade “very good” (One terabyte model). According to test editor Pascal Bartholomäus, it scored points with the following technical details:

  • screen: high color fidelity, contrast, resolution and brightness (measured peak brightness of 1,883 candelas per square meter) and 120 Hertz refresh rate
  • battery pack: very long battery life of almost 20 hours
  • power: enormously high computing power when starting and changing applications as well as for graphics
  • camera: Telephoto lenses with very high sharpness for good shots even in low light

That Always-on display Incidentally, this is a new feature only installed in the Pro models and ensures that selected widgets – such as the time or notifications – are displayed continuously despite the idle state, while energy and battery are saved at the same time. On the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the notch was also replaced by a recess, which is now known as a Dynamic Island used: Additional information such as song or route information can be displayed there.

Here you can find the Pro models at (new) best prices

Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro Max: Now cheaper on Ebay! | apple iphone | Insider Picks 2 1

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