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iPhone 14 Pro concept - L. Gehrer / WakeUp Media

Apple is probably changing some of the RAM in the iPhone 14: The standard models have larger RAM, the size of the Pro models remains the same, but the speed increases and efficiency should also increase.


Apple’s iPhone 14 will probably bring some innovations in terms of memory. One change will probably be that all models of the iPhone 14 should have six GB of RAM, which was previously suspected, as we reported in corresponding reports.

The main memory in the current basic models is four GB: The iPhone 14 and the larger entry-level iPhone 14 Max should now have six GB of RAM, as is currently the case in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The RAM in the iPhone 14 Pro is getting faster

In the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, on the other hand, faster working memory is to be used. In these two versions, Apple will rely on LPDDR5, the reported the trade journal Digitimes, which appears in Taiwan, citing information from suppliers. LPDDR5 RAM is faster to access and more efficient at the same time, which helps with energy consumption.


In the cheaper models, Apple will continue to rely on LPDDR4 RAM. In addition, a new iPhone will probably not appear with the latest chip for the first time, as we had reported in previous reports. The background to this decision is said to be the tense situation on the market for semiconductor components on the one hand and Apple’s goal on the other to persuade more customers to buy the significantly more expensive Pro models of the iPhone 14. All four new models will appear in September.

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