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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro: My smartphone of the year because… | apple iphone

Some people are disappointed with the smartphone year 2022: apart from higher prices, hardly anything new. There was in the Huawei Mate 50 Pro to see the first smartphone camera with a variable aperture. Computational photography like in the Google Pixel 7 Pro creates better and better images. That’s why my smartphone of the year 2022 is – the Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

Well, why now? Because the reviews for the “slightly prettied iPhone 13 Pro” were not particularly intoxicating. YouTube Alex Gear even calls the iPhone 14 Pro “a traffic accident“. But that’s basically the only slightly negative review I’ve found about the phone. The rest of the tech scene tends to shrug. At least Apple didn’t live up to the low expectations and introduced some useful new things.

iPhone 14 Pro: Fun factor?

For example, lossless 48-megapixel RAW photos that allow a very strong digital zoom, once again brighter night photos, also with the – finally improved – front camera. A still strong battery, a significantly brighter display – even one of the brightest at the moment. And by the way, still the fastest smartphone chip on the market. As an upgrader from an iPhone 12 Pro Max, I noticed the most iPhone 14 Pro review other details, such as the significantly better microphone quality. But also the successful form factor: this almost handy 6.1 inch and the almost symmetrical design.

But there is more, let’s call it “soft factors”. I’ve also tested other flagships and near-flagships this year, including this Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22+the Xiaomi 12Xthe Google Pixel 7 Pro or that Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. At the proverbial end of the day while relaxing on the couch, I was always happy when I could reach for the iPhone 14 Pro. Because the others aren’t any better, despite everything, and because in the end the iPhone gives me the most pleasure. Well…

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