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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro: New shape, old color | apple iphone

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Apple is said to be planning even rounder corners for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. Purple is set to become the new blue in September.


In addition to a new screen, a new camera and a new price (higher than the old one), the iPhone 14 Pro could see another change this fall: a new shape. The recently surfaced plans show a revised design with rounded corners.

According to Apple Track, the background to the revision is that Apple wants to adapt the corners of the iPhone 14 Pro to the shape of the new camera array. The change certainly isn’t significant, but after years of iPhones all sharing the same body design, it would be interesting if Apple changed the look of the Pro this year. On previous iPhones, the camera placement was always slightly offset on the Pro models, so the shape change seems to be related to a larger camera hump. Apple will adjust the corners to the shape of the camera panel, so they need to be a little rounder.

The iPhone 14 Pro (left) will reportedly have a larger camera array and rounder corners than the iPhone 13 Pro (right).


The iPhone 14 Pro (left) will reportedly have a larger camera array and rounder corners than the iPhone 13 Pro (right).

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While it’s a minor change that most people won’t notice unless comparing the devices side-by-side, this would be one of the few times that Apple has had a distinct case design for each iPhone line. It’s just one of many differences rumored to set the iPhone 14 Pro models apart from the non-Pro models, including the notch, the processor and of course the camera.

Comeback after two years

We could also see the new color this year – and it brings back an old acquaintance from the spectrum. According to a now-deleted Weibo post, Apple will again be selling a purple version of the iPhone 14. Apple previously unveiled a purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini at the Spring Loaded event in 2021, and also sold an iPhone 11 in a slightly paler purple. There’s never been a purple Pro iPhone, though, but there are various shades of blue and green in addition to the standard graphite, gold, and silver options.

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