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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro review | prominent voice for USB-C on iPhone | apple iphone

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Daybreak Apple » iPhone 14 Pro review | prominent voice for USB-C on iPhone | Apple’s modem isn’t coming – Daybreak Apple

Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro review | prominent voice for USB-C on iPhone | apple iphone | DayBreak

Good Morning all!


Do you know what’s in three days? Then I’ll be on vacation. And while I’m taking some much-needed rest, my esteemed colleagues can bring you Apple news. – welcome to the overview in the morning.

The highlight of the weekend was Lukas’ detailed review of the iPhone 14 Pro. As usual, we took a little more time for this than some other editors, so that we could also include observations that are not obvious at first glance. Of course, the focus again this year was on the camera, and that will probably remain the case in the years to come. In a time when smartphones are largely developed, this is one of the few things that still offer potential for improvement. Here’s the test report.

An expensive chip in the iPhone

The A16 is even more powerful than its predecessor, but at a literally high price. It has more than doubled in comparison to its predecessor, the question arises what will it bring us in everyday life? On the other hand, equipping an expensive iPhone with last year’s chip is also not popular and is seen as impertinent. It’s quite clear that we’re never satisfied, there’s always something to complain about, at least for me. And how you do it is wrong, everyone always does everything wrong, one way or the other, here are the details on the chip price.


Apple can’t finish its modem

Why isn’t Apple’s self-developed 5G modem coming into the iPhone? Our readers have their own theories about this: Because the NSA won’t let Apple develop the modem so that they can continue listening through the back doors in the traditional Qualcomm chips – well, sinister scientists also want to take children’s blood and cross us humans with lizards to get out of it breeding a clone army, it’s no big deal. I have a different theory about Apple’s modem: they’re just slower and more sluggish than Intel ever was, here’s the info.

The AirPods are getting a new beta

The new beta for the AirPods is less exciting, at least at first glance. But who knows, maybe a new function will accidentally appear in it that will later be cashed out, you never know.

An old acquaintance calls

He comments on Apple and the EU’s plan to force USB-C on the iPhone, good man!

And there was also an update of a popular smart home app, here is the information.

With that I can say goodbye for the moment and wish you a relaxed start into the week.

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