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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro: With this patent, the notch could disappear | apple iphone

Official information on iPhone 14 and the matching Pro models are not yet available. Nevertheless, details have been haunting the web for months that most likely apply to the final products. One of the most exciting rumors is the front camera cutout of the iPhone 14 Pro. If previous speculations are true, Apple will for the first time dispense with the notch-shaped notch. Instead, the camera and face ID sensor should be accommodated in two punched holes – one circular, the other pill-shaped. Apple is still adamantly silent on the subject, but a patent now suggests the rumor mill might be right.
The document recently surfaced by the US Patent Office describes loudly The Verge several possible ways to add a camera, an infrared light and a light folding element to a device. The latter serves to deflect the radiation from the infrared source in a targeted manner. This makes it possible to place the infrared light anywhere on the device and redirect the radiation to where it is needed. So you can build the diode in an area that offers more space than the top edge of the display.

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Does Apple outsource the infrared light?

In other words, should Apple iPhone 14 Pro rely on this technology, the manufacturer could reduce the space requirement by outsourcing the infrared light. “Only” the front camera, the depth sensor and the so-called dot projector would then fit into the visible gaps. All these components are necessary to enable the particularly secure and reliable Face ID technology for facial recognition.
The fact that Apple could actually say goodbye to the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro is also underlined again and again by new images that appear on the Internet. The leakers, for example, recently published DuanRui and Ice Universe Photos of dummies and alleged prototypes on Twitter showing an Apple phone with two holes punched in the display. In all likelihood, Apple will provide final clarity on September 7, 2022. Then, among other things, the official unveiling of the new iPhones is on the agenda.

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