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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro: You can pre-order it now — but there’s a catch | apple iphone

Although the new iPhone 14 Pro from Apple will not be officially released until autumn of this year, you can already pre-order it from a retailer. In the normal and in the max version, this is a very special variant that is really not for everyone.

Secure iPhone 14 Pro in the luxury version

You can often pre-order new cell phones – including the iPhone 14. But several months before the release of the new iOS smartphone, that’s atypical. However, the manufacturer Caviar is currently advertising this on its website. There you will find the latest iPhone as a preview in several luxury versions.

However, this offer is not suitable for the small purse. Caviar works with refined materials and sends you the iPhone 14 in an atypical and, above all, expensive design.


The inexpensive model starts at a proud 9,890 US dollars and has truly special materials: “The duo of sparkling mother-of-pearl and pink stingray leather makes this smartphone a truly luxurious accessory.”

If you are even more willing to spend and want to pre-order a special iPhone 14, you can also choose a gold-plated version – cost: 23,530 US dollars.

Ordering early does not mean getting it early

Even if you want to secure such an iPhone 14 Pro from Caviar, that does not mean that you will get the smartphone particularly early. Like all other retailers, Caviar also has to buy the corresponding iPhone models in the standard version. Only then are they processed accordingly. If in doubt, you will even wait longer than if you bought the iPhone at the normal price.

Are you also interested in how the iPhone 14 Pro looks like in the standard version? A video already shows the new iPhone from all sides. The Pro version differs significantly from all the others in one point.


Source: caviar

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